Want To Succeed? Focus On Your Strengths.

Why You Should Focus More On Your Strengths And Less On Your Weaknesses

I believe that many people have this all wrong. Instead of discovering their strengths and developing those, they focus on their weaknesses. They believe that if they aren’t good at something, they should work hard to raise their skill in that area up to the level of their strength. This logic may make sense on the surface, after all, if I’m not an organized person, becoming organized will definitely improve my life.

Learning some basic skills can be valuable. But what if I really struggle to learn those basic concepts of organizing? On top of that, what if I don’t enjoy doing it either? I may be able to raise my skill level slightly. I might even make some small improvements in that area of my life.

However, what if I focused most of my time on developing my strengths? Since they already come easier to me, I will be able to make much more substantial gains in these areas. And because I enjoy doing it the struggles I face won’t feel so daunting.

Have you seen the movie Rudy? If so, then you would probably agree with me that a few of Rudy’s strengths is not football, but rather they are courage, determination, persistence, and hard work.

Rudy’s dream is to play football at the University of Notre Dame. Everyone tells him that he is crazy and unrealistic. They try to encourage him to follow his father’s footsteps and work in the local steel mill like his father and two older brothers. He refuses to listen to them and begins using his strengths to work towards fulfilling his dream.

Rudy applies to Notre Dame and is initially denied acceptance because of his low grades from high school. Armed with his strength of determination to get admitted, he enlists the help of a local priest who encourages him to enroll in a junior college. Rudy does so and works diligently to get good enough grades in hopes of qualifying for a transfer.

After persisting for two years, Rudy gains acceptance to Notre Dame. He then uses his courage and drive to earn himself a place on the practice squad of the Notre Dame football team.

Being smaller and less talented than the other players on the team he is now forced to use his determination, courage, and love of hard work to remain on the squad. Using his strength of persistence and persuasion, he talks the coach into allowing him to suit up for the final game of his senior year and stand on the field with the other players. His dream becomes a reality. Not only was he allowed to suit up, but he also managed to play in the final seconds of the game and sack the opposing team’s quarterback.

Rudy demonstrates that by focusing on his strengths instead of his weaknesses, he managed to make his dream to play for Notre Dame a reality. This accomplishment then opened the doors for all his younger brothers to attend and graduate from college instead of following in their father’s footsteps.

Question: What strengths do you have that if you developed them would help accelerate you towards success? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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