The Surprisingly Number One Overlooked Secret To Success

How to Stand Out from the Competition

I recently began interviewing contractors to build a wooden cover for our patio. The first one I set an appointment with never showed up or called me back. The second showed up, said he would write me a proposal, but never sent it to me. The third one looked promising. He came over, said what he could do, but then two days later told me he didn’t have time to get to it. I found that to be a weird excuse since I never gave him a time frame in which I needed it to be done in.

Finally, the fourth contractor showed up promptly, evaluated my situation, gave me an estimate as well as written plans and always responded to my emails or texts within a few hours. Which one do you think got the job?

Amazingly, it took four contractors to find one responsible enough to just stay in contact with me.

In today’s society, being responsive may well be the number one secret to success. We have been conditioned to by the internet and fast food restaurants to expect speedy service. When we don’t get it, we quickly become annoyed and start looking for another way to get what we want.

As a professional, I have always been prompt with my replies. If you text or email me, you can expect I will get back to you within the hour, unless you sent it overnight. In doing so, I sometimes astonish people. They are simply not used to promptness when it comes to dealing with professionals. As a result,  when I was in sales, it was the number one reason why I received referrals from my past customers.

Do it now!

If you wish to achieve more success in life, become a do it now person. Stop putting off the little things that come up during the day. In most cases, putting them off only leads to having a pile of to-dos on your desk that can lead you to feel overwhelmed. Instead of waiting until later to “Get around to it,” start the habit today of doing those tasks now.

When you receive a text, respond to it immediately. However, if you are unable to give a quick response then make sure you reply back at your very next chance.  If you are in a meeting, send an automated text that explains how you will get back to them as soon as you get a free moment:

‘I am currently in a meeting and don’t have the time to give you the attention you deserve. I promise to get back with you the second I have a free moment.’

I know a mortgage broker who records a new voicemail every morning. In it he tells his callers the times he will be returning phone calls during the day. I think that is a brilliant strategy because it frees him up to do other things during the day while letting everyone know he will get back to them and when he will be available.

Build Your Reputation

Your reputation is will either be your biggest obstacle to success, or your greatest ally. If you want to have lots of repeat customers, the confidence of your co-workers and the trust of your families, then start building your reputation one response at a time.

Decide that you are going to wow people with how quickly and professionally you respond to them.  Start building a reputation that gets people talking about you in positive ways. Make yourself stand out from the competition by being the one in four people that can stay on top of things and get things done while also responding to the world around you.

Once you wow a few people in your life, notice how quickly people will love doing business with you. The truth is, competition is small when you differentiate yourself from the crowd by being responsive. 

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