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What I Learned From Writing My First Book - Part 1

I just released my first book Intentional Mornings – How to Make Your Dreams a Reality One Morning at a time. Reflecting over the past few months, I realize that writing the book was one of the most life-changing projects I have ever gone through.


Not only did I accomplish one of my life long dreams, but I also grew as a person, learning some incredible life lessons.

My hope in sharing what I learned with you, is that you will be able to learn from me and therefore accelerate your learning curb. And as a result, start turning your dreams into reality and begin living the life of your dreams.

1. You must be willing to do the work.

Seeing a project through like writing a book, from beginning to end, is no easy accomplishment. I have wanted to write a book for years, but always feel short because I wasn’t willing to sit down and do the work.

Sure, I wanted the end result, like so many of us do when it comes to our goals, but the truth was I was never willing to put in the long hours needed to achieve my dream. Just like you must engage in a workout day after day to lose weight, so must you sit down in front of a blank screen with just you and your thoughts. Thoughts that on some days seem to evade you, leaving you as blank as the screen you are staring at right in front of you. And on other days your thoughts become so unfocused and out of control that you feel like the poster child for ADHD.

Yes, it was hard, but once I realized and accepted this cold reality, ironically it became easier. By reminding myself that hard work was the only way to gain success, my resistance to doing the work began to drop. Making way for words and ideas that will start to fill the blank space on the screen in front of me. And just like getting to the gym and warming up is the hardest part of the workout, typing the first few words are always the toughest part of my day.

So, lesson number one is to be willing to do the work. Let go of the idea that everything must be easy and comfortable in life and attach yourself to the belief that nothing great in life comes easy.

There are no shortcuts on the road to success. That idea alone will set you apart from the masses of people living in comfort, never stretching and challenging themselves to become all they can become. Doing what they have always done and getting what they have always gotten.

As the Zen proverb goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Hard work is part of the human experience and a good one at that so long as the work you are doing has purpose and meaning to you.

In Part 2, I will discuss how I learned Writing Isn’t All Glory.

Until then, Live Intentionally!

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