Part Three – Success Principles For Accomplishing Your Goals!

What I Learned From Writing My First Book Part 3

In parts one and two of this series, I discussed how I learned that you must be willing to do the work and that most of the work involved is not glamorous. In fact, most of the work is tedious, behind the scenes and time-consuming. If you will think of success as eating a great meal, I think you will start to understand what I mean.

Picture a table full of all your favorite foods. There’s a bowl of fresh cut salad, another full of potatoes, beside it is a pan full of barbecue beans, a platter stacked high with you favorites meats, and desserts cooked fresh waiting you to indulge in. Just like the success you crave in your life, this meal took time and methodical work to create.

The third lesson I learned while writing my first book is this, The Little Things Matter.

Success is often thought of as the finished product, the completed book being read by an eager reader, the brand-new home waiting for its new owners to move into and enjoy, or the happy graduate walking across the stage to receive their diploma. The reality is that the only way those rewards were ever made possible was by the creators doing the little things that were necessary for their creation.

Writing my book taught me to sit down and work through whatever needed to be done that day. It’s not like mowing the lawn or cleaning the house where in most cases you can start and finish within a couple of hours. No, it is much more complex than that and the hours turn into days which turn into months.

Some days would be spent making very little progress. On several occasions, I spent hours just researching what I wanted to write about before I could even begin writing. Wanting desperately to see tangible results, I would start to feel frustrated at my lack of my apparent progress. Once I realized the hours of research were just as necessary to my success as the writing was, I began to relax. Accepting that was part of the process, helped me to realize how much improvement I was actually making on those days.

Building my website, I faced the same challenges. While there are many articles out there telling you how to start your own blog in thirty minutes, most do not tell you that making a professional looking blog takes days. Especially when you have never made one.

I began creating my blog in September and finally hit publish in December. Sure, I could have published it sooner, but I wanted it to have content, a free download, and an overall professional look. The little things I learned to do such as creating a 3D image book cover with an opt-in form to help me build my reader list took a few weeks to perfect. The truth is I am still learning all the ins and outs of creating a website, and I don’t imagine I will ever have all of it down.

To gain success, you must accept that sitting down for hours and working on the minute details is just part of the process. If I had learned this lesson when I was younger, I might have written several books by now. Who knows? What I do know is this: Success takes a willingness to do the work, understanding that there isn’t much glamor in it as the media leads us to believe and you must be comfortable with doing the little things that one day equal the big picture.

In Part Four, I will share with you my fourth lesson, Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You!

Until then, Live Intentionally!

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