Part Four – Success Principles for Accomplishing Your Goals!

What I Learned From Writing My First Book

Setbacks and obstacles are part of life. And the sooner you come to grips with this truth, the easier it will become for you to begin achieving your goals.

When I decided to launch my website and start writing my book, I told myself that I would have to take it slow. I knew what I wanted to accomplish and had a pretty clear image in my mind of what the end results would look like, but I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get there.

I also knew there was a lot for me to learn and if I were going to reach the finish line, I would have to take the time to educate myself. It seemed that everyday I was presented with new obstacles to overcome and the only way I was going to address them would be by accepting that fact.

One of the first obstacles I had to overcome was learning how to successfully navigate the program I now use to write all my blog posts and chapters with, Scrivener. Scrivener is an awesome writing tool that helps you to organize the ideas into folders and subfolders.  I love it. But, learning to use it properly takes patience.

When I first downloaded the program, I was overwhelmed with its features. However, because I had decided early on that learning and overcoming obstacles was part of the process to becoming a professional writer, I was able to pace myself. I reminded myself that progress is made by taking small steps each day, and on some days that step might just be learning how to properly use the tools that would help me to eventually reach the finish line.

Just yesterday, I spent the whole morning learning how to do something as simple as putting a banner on my website. I had already discovered how to place a banner inside of each individual post, but I wanted to be able to save time by automatically putting it into each post. That way in the future if I wanted to change what it said, I could do so with the click of a button. I knew that spending a little time figuring that out would save me hours in the future.

I researched and tried several different ideas, but kept coming up short. Because I had hoped to do this quickly so I could return to my writing, I was tempted to give up my search and just enter the banner manually on each post.

After a few hours and several walks around the house to clear my head, I finally discovered the solution.

The point here is that by sticking with it, in the short-term, I may have lost a few hours of writing time. But in the long-term, I have gained hours because the next time I want to change my banner, I will know what to do.

As you advance towards your goals, I encourage you to think like a scientist. Stop trying to just accomplish your tasks and begin looking at the work you have in front of you as an experiment.

Scientists are curious and in the awe or the wonder of it all. They don’t know what will work, so they are always looking for what won’t work. They know making their great discovery takes time and patience. They take careful notes over what will work as well as what won’t so they can continue learning and growing. All with the faith that if they persevere long enough, they will eventually achieve what they are seeking to accomplish.

Don’t let obstacles stop you from accomplishing your goals. See them as part of the process. By making this one distinction, you can become one of few that see their goals through from start to finish.

In Part Five I will share with you how I learned to Aim For Small Daily Success.

Until then, Live Intentionally!

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