Part 6 – Success Principles For Accomplishing Your Goals!

Have you ever given up too early because what you were doing wasn’t working immediately?

There are many times, when I am working on saying something the right way, or trying to learn a new skill when I feel like what I am doing is getting me nowhere. In the past, I would have gotten up and retreated to something less stressful instead of persisting through.

Every time I decide to learn something new, it takes time. For example, right now I am taking a short break, from what seems like an endless search to learn how to create online courses, in order to write this section. I have been searching the internet for several days, attempting to learn how to create courses I can offer through my website and books.

Finding the right solution takes time and often feels like I am spinning my wheels. Hours and sometimes days can go by where I seem to accomplish nothing.

As I said, in the past I would have given up, thinking that I was wasting precious time. But now I know, it is just part of the learning curve.

Success takes time. Despite all the wild claims by companies trying to sell you their magic beans that promise to give you what you want with minimal effort, sometimes you must go through frustration, setbacks and what feels like a lot of junk to find what you are searching for to solve your problem.

History is filled with plenty of people who stopped short of achieving huge success and instead retreated into mediocrity. More importantly though are the people who changed the world by not allowing their feelings of failure to define who they are and who they are to become.

Take the inspiring story of Colonel Sanders. Colonel loved sharing his chicken recipe. So, at the young age of 65 he decided to travel from restaurant to restaurant offering to share his recipe with anyone willing to collaborate with him. The problem though, was that all these restaurant owners already had a chicken recipe. It just didn’t make any sense to share their profits with him.

The story has it that he had to hear 1009 “No” answers before he heard one “Yes.” That is the definition of persevering. Do you think he had to fight his own feelings of wasting his time to keep moving forward? I do. In fact, I imagine he probably gave up at least a hundred times. But like all other successful people, he also jumped back in the game. Reminding himself along he way of his mission and why he needed to keep going.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Writing my first book taught me that enthusiasm in what I am doing and why I am doing it is more powerful than feelings of wasting my time. Now instead of giving up when I don’t get an immediate solution to my problem, I persevere.

I remind myself of what I am seeking to accomplish and why that is important. I also tell myself that if I keep searching, eventually the answer will present itself. I had read that many times by great authors but never experienced it until I began pushing through, denying my negative feelings.

Times when my frustration grew, I learned to take a small break, breathe slowly, and center my thoughts on what I wanted, just allowing my muscles and my mind to relax. Once I was centered again, I would continue with what I was working on. It worked every time. Every challenge I faced, I found a solution to it.

If you wish to achieve success and accomplish your goals, then you too must learn to ignore or even refute your negative thoughts and feelings. Just because you feel like something is a waste of time doesn’t mean that it is. Success might be right around the corner, but you will never know it if you don’t keep going.

Live Intentionally!

Question: How do you push through when you don’t feel like it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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