The Four Fundamentals To Productivity and Getting More Done!

How To Be More Effective

I used to coach basketball. And as any good coach knows, the most important aspect of having a good, productive practice is by beginning with and focusing on the fundamentals. Dribbling, passing, and shooting. Without the ability to execute those necessary skills, everything else is a waste of time. After all, how can you get […]

3 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From Accomplishing Your Goals

How You Can Accomplish Your Goals!

How many times have you set a goal to eat healthier, exercise regularly, get out of debt, spend more quality time with your family, be more positive? If you’re like me and just about everybody else in the world, I’m sure you have goals that you seem to never get around to. You might think […]

7 Ways To Increase Productivity And Achieve Your Goals

Strategies to Getting Things Done!

Nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to be more productive and accomplish their goals faster than ever, but at the same time it also seems we are procrastinating at higher levels as well. We want to be more, do more and achieve more. Does this sound like you? If it does, I have come up with the […]

6 Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Achieve Your Goals

How to Create Momentum Towards Your Goals!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  If you’re like most people, you have set numerous goals in the past, gotten excited about them and then found yourself thirty days in the future with no advancement made towards them. The […]

3 Step Strategy to Getting More Done

How to Clear Your Mind of Mental Clutter

Have you ever felt like your mind was trying to pull you in many different directions at once? I call this mental clutter. Right when you are ready to focus on one thought or idea, another one pops up. Think of it like you’re receiving an email from yourself and you can’t turn off the […]

5 Habits of Successful Morning People

Learn the Secret Successful People Don't Want You to Know

Does your morning routine send you flying out of bed excited about the day or does it leave you wishing for more sleep? Whatever your answer, understand your morning ritual is nothing more than a set of habits.   Habits are the cornerstone of why we do what we do. The good news is since habits […]

4 Questions To Help Launch Your Goals

How To Motivate Yourself When Your Just Don't Feel Like It

Several years ago, I decided I would get in shape by taking up running. I was excited to get into shape, but I wasn’t feeling real enthused to do the running itself. I had no problem associating with the positive outcome I believed running would provide me with. My challenge stemmed from the fact that […]

5 Ways To Develop More Grit

Kobe Bryant is considered by many as one of the top 5 basketball players of all time. Having played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 19 years, he managed to rack up 9 NBA records while winning 5 championships. Kobe was talented, there is no questioning that, but so are all NBA players. What set […]

4 Ways To Accomplish Your Goals And Get More Done

Strategies to Being More Effective Today

The other morning, I woke up early with intentions to eat breakfast and write a new blog post. I grabbed my little blue laptop, and my cell phone then sat down at my desk. Before I opened Scrivener, the program I use to create all my rough drafts, I decided to break one of my […]

7 Ways To Have More Energy And Be More Productive

Tired? Here Are 7 Effective Natural Energy Boosters

While there are many reasons why people achieve success, I believe one fundamental element is energy. I know when I am feeling drained, getting anything accomplished is like pulling teeth. It’s challenging and painful. In addition, it is almost counterproductive to try to get our work done when we are feeling mentally tapped. I know […]