The Surprisingly Number One Overlooked Secret To Success

How to Stand Out from the Competition

I recently began interviewing contractors to build a wooden cover for our patio. The first one I set an appointment with never showed up or called me back. The second showed up, said he would write me a proposal, but never sent it to me. The third one looked promising. He came over, said what he could […]

6 Steps To A Productive Culture

What does the culture of your organization look like? Are the people in it working together and supporting each other? Are they sharing the same common goals, beliefs, and behaviors? If not, you are probably not experiencing success at the level you could be. Culture can be defined as the deeply embedded mindset everyone has […]

Why Intrinsic Motivation Is Better Than Extrinsic

Intrinsic means that we are doing something because we receive a sense of personal satisfaction from the activity itself. Extrinsic means we are doing the activity for an external reward, like money or appreciation from others. To accomplish our goals, we need to make sure they give us a sense of joy simply by pursuing […]

4 Ways The Spillover Effect Affects Your Organization

There’s no doubt about it, emotions are contagious. If you are in a meeting and someone is angry, it doesn’t take long before almost everyone in the room starts feeling irritated to some degree. Positive Psychology calls this the spillover effect. Simply put, my mood affects your mood and vice versa.  As a teacher, I […]

Success Made Easy

Why Your Definition of Success May Limit You From Achieving it.

Coach John Wooden, who won seven NCAA Championships in a row, ironically didn’t define success as winning. Instead of going out to win the game, he told his team that success was “Peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made an effort to do your best to become the […]

The Power Of A Paradigm Shift

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Stephen Covey describes paradigm as the mental glasses through which you see the world. It is you perception of the world based on your beliefs. If your glasses are smudged or have the wrong prescription, what you are looking at will not be accurate. The same goes for your paradigm. When we are lacking information […]

3 Ways Overconfidence Can Keep You From Your Goals

The Power of 3:1

Research done by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, at the University of North Carolina, has found that experiencing positive to negative emotions in a 3:1 ratio increases our ability to bounce back from the negative in our lives. It also leads to better relationships, and improved health, while helping us to achieve our goals easier than ever […]

5 Ways To Develop More Grit

Kobe Bryant is considered by many as one of the top 5 basketball players of all time. Having played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 19 years, he managed to rack up 9 NBA records while winning 5 championships. Kobe was talented, there is no questioning that, but so are all NBA players. What set […]

3 Paths to Creating Change in Your Life

How to Become Intentional with Your Life

When I was twenty-nine years old, I read Real Magic by one of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. To put it mildly, it changed my life. I can still remember what I was doing when the overall message of this incredible book hit me. According to Dr. Dyer, real magic occurs when we […]