6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

How to Get Everyday off to a Great Start

What’s your morning ritual? If your immediate response to this question is “I don’t have a morning ritual,” then I challenge you to think again. We all have a morning ritual. The real issue is, does it empower you or does it disempower you?

So, what do I mean by a morning ritual, well what do you do first thing in the morning? Do you wake up to an alarm or do you wake up naturally? Do you lie in bed hitting the snooze button for the next hour or do you slide out of bed within the first 3 or 4 minutes of waking up? What is the next thing you do stretch, go to the bathroom, let the dog out, put on your robe?


See, all of this is a routine, and you do it almost every day without even thinking about it. So, the question I pose is this, “Does your morning ritual help start your day in a positive, energetic way, or does it leave you feeling like you would just rather crawl back into bed?”

I started a positive morning ritual many years ago, and let me tell you it has made a tremendous difference in my day. People even call me a morning person. I’m often asked, “How can you be so bubbly and enthusiastic at 8 in the morning?” My answer, “My morning ritual.”

Six powerful suggestions for establishing a morning ritual that will get every day off to a great start!

  1. Go to bed and get out of bed at a set time every day.

    This one is so crucial. Your body has a natural time clock called the circadian rhythm. It works out of habit or routine. When you are going to bed and getting up at different times this throws it for a loop causing your sleep patterns to be thrown off.

    By establishing a set bedtime and awake time, it allows your sleep patterns to get into a nice rhythm. In turn, this, helps you get better sleep and wake up more naturally. Everybody I talk to that gets into a healthy sleep routine just raves on the difference this step alone makes in their daily energy levels.

  1. Get out of bed within 5 minutes of waking up.

    Lying in bed only prolongs the inevitable. You’ve probably felt this before, haven’t you? You wake up and lie there until you fall back to sleep. Then the alarm goes off again, jarring you back into the real world, only this time you feel sleepier than you did before. If you have time to hit the snooze in the morning, then simply move your alarm up another 5 or 10 minutes. This way you will be able to complete the last sleep cycle you were enjoying. I promise you, doing this will help you to feel much better.

  1. Bounce and stretch.

    You heard me right, jump and stretch. When I first get out of bed, I stand up tall, reach for the ceiling and stretch as high as I can. Next, with my arms still stretched up high, I stand on my toes and begin to bounce at least 50 times. Next to splashing cold water on my face, which is my next step, this wakes me up better than anything.

  1. Express gratitude for another 24 hours to live, love, laugh and become!

    Some people do this before they get out of bed, other before breakfast as a meditation. This one I do while I am showering. It is my morning prayer where I simply give thanks to God for blessing me with all the beautiful things in my life and all the wonderful things to come. It is simple to do and always help me start my day off on the right foot.

  1. Create positive intentions for how your day will go.

    I end my prayer with my intentions for how I want the day to go. “Please and thank you, Lord, for helping me to …” and I fill in the blanks based on what is happening in my life. I believe that saying thank you while you are asking is especially crucial for receiving what you have prayed for. The Bible says to pray with faith, in other words, to pray as if the thing or the help you are asking for is already in existence and you are waiting for it to enter your life.

  2. Drink a full cup of water.

    I know many of you are drawn to caffeine in the morning. However, when we get out of bed in the morning, we are usually dehydrated, and our bodies need water. Drinking a caffeinated drink only dehydrates us more thus leaving our body craving the water that gives us that natural lift.

Add one or all six of these to your morning ritual and find out how soon people start calling you a morning person.

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