5 Habits of Successful Morning People

Learn the Secret Successful People Don't Want You to Know

Does your morning routine send you flying out of bed excited about the day or does it leave you wishing for more sleep? Whatever your answer, understand your morning ritual is nothing more than a set of habits.  

Habits are the cornerstone of why we do what we do. The good news is since habits are learned, they can be unlearned. At the same time, we can adopt new ones. The key to success is acquiring behaviors that catapult us in the direction of our dreams.  

1. Keep a regular sleep schedule. 

If you fail at all the other suggestions in this book, but manage to begin keeping a regular sleep schedule, you would probably start seeing noticeable changes in your energy level. Considering you are getting the right amount of sleep. That is because your body has a built-in clock called the circadian rhythm. 

Your circadian rhythm is the body’s natural cycle that centers around a 24-hour period. When you keep a regular schedule of going to bed at say 9 p.m. and getting up at 4 a.m., it quickly begins to sync with this time, causing you to feel sleepy at nine and to naturally wake up at four.   

However, when you are sporadic with you sleep times, going to bed at 9 p.m. one night and midnight the next, it can never get into a rhythm. The result is living with jet lag every day.  


Keep in mind, that altering either your bedtime or your morning time can throw your circadian rhythm for a loop. The result is feeling tired, even when you have received more than enough sleep. 

2. Set their intentions the night before. 

Your intentions are what you plan to do.  

Unsuccessful morning people lie down and hope to get a good night’s sleep. They tell themselves that it would be nice if they could wake up feeling energized, but deep in their mind, they don’t really think it will happen. Their lack of certainty leads them to wake up feeling groggy and less than refreshed. 

Successful morning people tell themselves with conviction that they are going to get a restful night’s sleep. They have faith they will wake up when they choose to, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with energy and enthusiasm. 

3. Follow a bedtime routine. 

Good parents know the power of a proper bedtime routine for getting their children into bed at night. They may start with giving the child a bath, followed with brushing teeth, a good story and then finally tucking them into bed. The same goes for successful morning people. They know how effective it is to have a bedtime ritual. In a later chapter, I share with you some ideas for a successful bedtime routine. 

Successful evening rituals can vary from one individual to the next. The one common factor of all of them is they are done religiously and always end with a good night’s sleep. In a future chapter, I will share with my routine as well as some ideas that may work for you. 

For more on how to get a good night’s sleep, read my blog, 4 Steps to a Great Night’s Sleep.

4. Follow a morning routine. 

As I pointed out before, everyone has a morning routine. The difference lies in whether or not it is effective in producing the results you are seeking. Successful morning people are intentional with what they do first thing in the morning. As a consequence, they set their entire day up for success.  

For an idea on how to create morning routine that gets you up and going, read my blog 6 Steps To Becoming A Morning Person.

5. Have an Hour of Power. 

The average Joe gets up without a plan and scurries out the door hoping not to be late. On the other hand, the successful morning person schedules in at least an hour between getting ready and leaving the house. 

Their Hour of Power is what completely separates them from everyone else. They use this time to plan their day, brainstorm new ideas, meditate, exercise or work on their most important goals. For many, it is the most productive hour of their day.   

Becoming a morning person is within your reach and well worth the effort needed to become one. Getting out of bed with energy and purpose alone will change your life.  

I have no doubt that adding the hour of power to your mornings will have a tremendous effect on your productivity. So much you may even find yourself looking forward to it as you lie down for a good nights rest.

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