4 Reasons You Were Born To Succeed

Discovering Your Greatness

Whether you believe you were born to win or not, will determine if you win or lose in the game of life. You see, I believe that you were born for a purpose, and that purpose is unique to you. However, if you don’t think this is true, then you will never know the incredible life that is waiting for you once you have decided to claim it.

You are a result, not of your circumstances, but of your thoughts. The dominating thoughts you allow to occupy your mind is a seed that grows into its physical equivalence. Hold in your mind negative thoughts about yourself, and you will see the proof of those thoughts manifesting in your life. On the other hand, the same is true if you fill your mind with positive thoughts of what you can become and accomplish.

I would like to identify some beliefs that if you adopt will start you on your path to developing your gifts and talents.

  1. Know you are a miracle.

Have you ever taken the time to think about what had to happen for you to become you? First, your father and mother had to cross paths, no small feat considering the billions of people that now inhabit the earth. Before that, your grandparents had to meet, and your great grandparents had to come together and so forth all the way back millions of years. In other words, you are the accumulation of an infinite number of events that had to take place before you could become the person you are today. That alone is a miracle.

  1. Know you are unique.

Never in the history of the world has there been or will there ever again be someone exactly like you. Even identical twins who share the same genetic code have different life experiences which make them completely original. Everything that has happened to you, the good as well as the bad, was necessary for you to become who you are today. Your genetics combined with your life path separates you from everyone else and provides you with authentic talents and insights. Even two painters who are painting the same scene will create two different pieces of art. No two brush strokes are ever the same. Your originality sets you apart from everyone else in this world and because of that you are rare and unique.

  1. Know you have something to give the world that it cannot receive any other way than through you.

I had to accept this one before I could become a writer. Many times, I would sit down to write only to feel like an imposter. I have been influenced by so many great teachers that came before me that it sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish my words and thoughts from theirs.

In the past, I would tell myself that there was no need for me to tell my story because those who came before me had already said what I am saying in such an eloquent way that I was only wasting my time. What I was failing to realize was the uniqueness of my story. I believed I was only reteaching what I had learned, which was true, but I was also missing the bigger picture. My own individual point of view and how I could share those stories with a new generation is unique.

I also realized that my words might not resonate with everyone, but then again, who’s will? Be you and those who relate to you will be attracted to what you have to offer. This is why there are so many different genres of music in the world. You may like classical music and dislike country. Does this mean country music will fade away because you are not partial to it? Of course not. I decided if only one person learns from my teaching, then I have made a difference in the life of that one person and in that respect, what I do matters. 

  1. Know that you are unlimited potential.

Your potential is yours, it is unseen, and only you can determine what you are capable of creating and achieving. You are the master of your fate and decider of your destiny. Decide that you have reached your potential, and you have. Decide that your potential is limitless and live in accordance with the decision by striving every day to become a little more than you were yesterday then you will find a natural law of nature that few fine, your potential is limitless.

     The question is not, “Do you have a purpose for being in the world?” but rather it is, “What is your purpose for being in the world?” When you fail to honestly see yourself for who you are and the talents you possess, you also fail to see what you have to give. I challenge you to let go of your doubts and insecurities and instead start looking at yourself as the miracle you really are. 


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