3 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From Accomplishing Your Goals

How You Can Accomplish Your Goals!

How many times have you set a goal to eat healthier, exercise regularly, get out of debt, spend more quality time with your family, be more positive?

If you’re like me and just about everybody else in the world, I’m sure you have goals that you seem to never get around to. You might think about them frequently, but for whatever reason, you just can’t harness the energy to get started.

For the longest time mine was writing. I told myself I wanted to start a blog, write that book, and record that workshop. But the years went by, and nothing would happen. I was all talk and no action.

So how what was holding me back from writing?

  1. I didn’t really really want it.

I knew I really wanted to have a published book, but the truth was I didn’t really want to do what it takes to be a writer. If I had, I would have sat down and started putting words on paper. Instead of being honest with myself, I disillusioned myself into believing my excuses.

  • I don’t know what to write about.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I’ll do it tomorrow.

All that did was leave me feeling frustrated and guilty about not having taken action.

Finally, one day several years ago, I decided to get real with myself. I asked myself, did I really want to sit down and write? Surprisingly, my answer was no. I was finally honest with myself, and what a relief. I was able to relax and focus on other goals in my life.

About a year ago, I began getting the itch to write again. Once again, I asked myself if I really wanted to do the work. Was I willing to put in the time? This time I answered with a confident yes!

However, a month later I still wasn’t writing. Every time I thought about going to my desk to write I would get a feeling of complete drudgery and tell myself I didn’t feel like it right now. I will do it later.

Again, I was stumped. I knew I really really wanted to write, but why wasn’t I? When I wasn’t writing, I felt motivated to write, but thinking about actually doing it led to feeling exhausted. After a researching why this might be, I discovered the culprit, deleted will power.

  1. Depleted will power.

Psychology studies reveal that will power is a mental energy. And like all energy reserves, your willpower can be used up throughout the day. I was trying to write after I was mentally exhausted from teaching all day. No matter how much I wanted to write, sitting down when I was tired only led to writer’s block.

When do you have the most will power? When your brain is fresh. In most cases, that is first thing in the morning.

In my book, Intentional Mornings, I talk about the importance of tackling your most important goal first thing in the morning. Not your most urgent goal, but your most important goal. You must do this before you open your email, talk to clients or any other energy sucking task. For most people, this probably means getting up an hour or more earlier.

I can hear you your thoughts, “Get up an hour earlier, you must be crazy!” I felt the same way. I was already getting up at 6 just to be at work on time, how could I possibly get up at 5?

Well, the truth is I really really wanted to become a writer. I knew that deleted will power was holding me back and that if I were going to succeed I would need to get up earlier.

  1. Poor habits.

Even when I began getting up early to start writing, I still had poor habits that kept me from using my time wisely.

At first, I would get up, grab some breakfast, pick up my phone and start scanning the internet. I would tell myself how I needed to catch up on the news or the latest sports scores. Before I knew it, I had used up 45 minutes of my extra hour.

To correct this, I decided that if was going to succeed at writing in the mornings, I would have to replace reading the news with reading a book on how to write a book.

I searched Amazon and found a great little book called The 90 Minute Book Outline. What’s great about this book is it has action steps that helped me to progress towards my achieving my goal.

Making that one simple change from reading about the news to reading about writing led me to create the change I was seeking in my life. Within just a few months I had written my first book, and created my website.

If you would like to learn more, I suggest you download Intentional Mornings today. In it, I provide you with a step-by-step plan of how to achieve your goals and transform your life one morning at a time.

As someone once said, “If you want to change some things in your life, you’ve got to change some things in your life.”

If you have goals, you are struggling to accomplish it is time to stop hoping your circumstances will change and begin today making the changes that will change your circumstances.

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