Success Through A Growth Mindset

Harnessing the Power of a Can Do Attitude

Research in positive psychology has revealed quite a few different ingredients to being successful. However, none may be more important in whether or not you succeed as having a growth mindset. When I was in middle school, I enrolled in band and began learning to play the saxophone. At this point, all the other saxophone players […]

3 More Ways To Beat The Blues!

Natural Remedies to Feeling Under the Weather.

In a previous article, 3 Ways to Beat the Blues Naturally, I shared how smiling, being grateful, and putting a smile in your pocket could quickly brighten your day. Now I would like to share with you three more ideas you can use to today to begin feeling happier. Drink more water. Most people don’t […]

Do You Think Like A Pessismist?

How To Think Like An Optimist.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Success comes down to a lot of factors, but one of the most important ones is how you think. If you follow the wrong thoughts, you may quit too early, or worse you many never begin. The good news […]

6 Steps To A Productive Culture

What does the culture of your organization look like? Are the people in it working together and supporting each other? Are they sharing the same common goals, beliefs, and behaviors? If not, you are probably not experiencing success at the level you could be. Culture can be defined as the deeply embedded mindset everyone has […]

3 Ways To Beat Depression Naturally

Learn How To Beat The Blues And Start Feeling Good

Everyone is prone to feeling the blues occasionally. The problem isn’t that we experience times of depression, the problem is when we allow ourselves to stay there.   Depression, anxiety, happiness, and joy are just some of the emotional states we are blessed to experience as humans. Did I just say you are blessed to feel […]

Why Intrinsic Motivation Is Better Than Extrinsic

Intrinsic means that we are doing something because we receive a sense of personal satisfaction from the activity itself. Extrinsic means we are doing the activity for an external reward, like money or appreciation from others. To accomplish our goals, we need to make sure they give us a sense of joy simply by pursuing […]

4 Ways The Spillover Effect Affects Your Organization

There’s no doubt about it, emotions are contagious. If you are in a meeting and someone is angry, it doesn’t take long before almost everyone in the room starts feeling irritated to some degree. Positive Psychology calls this the spillover effect. Simply put, my mood affects your mood and vice versa.  As a teacher, I […]

5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Effectively Dealing With Anxiety Now

Anxiety is a natural part of our life and not something we can or should completely rid ourselves of. In fact, stress can be a good thing when we learn how to harness its energy properly. The purpose of stress is to motivate us into action. It is a natural reaction to perceived changes in […]