6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

How to Get Everyday off to a Great Start

What’s your morning ritual? If your immediate response to this question is “I don’t have a morning ritual,” then I challenge you to think again. We all have a morning ritual. The real issue is, does it empower you or does it disempower you? So, what do I mean by a morning ritual, well what do […]

3 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Simple Tips to Help Get You Achieving Your Goals Today

If you’re like most people, you have goals and projects you just can’t seem to get yourself to begin much less finish. I wanted to be an author since I was ten years old. I loved the idea so much that I even took a creative writing class every year I was in high school. Once […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a Life Plan

A Compass for Your LIfe

When I ask people what they want out of life the most common answer I hear is success and happiness. That’s all fine, I want success and happiness also, but what does that mean? Does it mean becoming president of your company, having a loving marriage, traveling the world? Just saying you want success is […]

4 Ways To Enjoy The Journey Of Life More

Get the Most Out of Life!

Recently my family and I took a road trip to Chicago for vacation. While I definitely enjoyed seeing the sights of Chicago, what I enjoyed the most was the trip there and back. We took Route 66 for most of the journey and stopped multiple times along the way. My wife Shelley was in charge […]